May 4, 2009

Green Thumb?

EC loved helping Daddy with the garden. He sat in the shade and told Daddy where to plant each row.
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T- said...

That is going to be a great big garden! Wow!

Heather said...

ok now tell him to come to KY and do mine for me, I will give him some pie lmao! That is going to be awesome Heather. Joe is just going to enjoy the fruit of MY labor lol, darn man haha.

Tara-that's how we KY girls do a garden lmao!

As usual, little man is precious. Look at those little feet!!!!

kbreints said...

GARDEN? HAHA That is a Farm!

I had one of those that came with the house that we now live in...I planted grass...

When is there enough time?

Mary B said...

Love the hat!!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing the pictures of EC! I prayed for you to find another job soon. The Lord will take care of you guys! Love ya!!

Amanda J.
from KY