Apr 15, 2009

Month Seven

Dear EC,

Today you turn seven months old. It is so hard to believe that my lil’ punkin’ baby has grown so much! It seems like you learn or do something new every day. Maybe I should write these letters by week instead of by month.

Talking has become your newest trick. You have really discovered your voice this month and are using it to your advantage! Your favorite word is, “Dadadadada! Daaa! Daaa!” I have really worked with you on the “mama” sound, but you prefer to say “dadada” more than anything else. Your father thinks this is wonderful! Whenever you are really tired or sometimes when you cry, the “mama” sound really starts being more predominant. These are not the only sounds that you make though. You can really carry on a great conversation now by combining your vowels and consonants. Sometimes you talk really softly and then raise your voice really high. You make great eye contact and it seems like you are really trying to tell us something wonderful. You particularly enjoy talking to the cat, even though she stares at you like you are crazy.

The picture above is probably not the best picture, but I love the way that you are cutting your eyes. Your daddy does this all the time and I am sure it is a habit that you have picked up from him. The eye-cut is usually accompanied by a mischievous smile, also a trait that you have picked up from your father.

You looooove to play in your excersaucer. You have really learned so much about the toys on it this month. At first, you were just interested in chewing on everything. Then you discovered that some of these things MAKE NOISE!!! SOUNDS!!! Now you hit the buttons and spin the spinners with such vigor….and then look up and smile at us like “Do you hear that? That noise? I MADE that noise! Here, let me show you again!”

I am pretty sure that Daddy is teaching you an Allman Brothers’ song.

You love any noise, but you especially love music. Any time that music comes on the television or radio, you really pay attention. You love to watch American Idol and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and stop and stare at the television when a song is playing. You especially like jam sessions with your Daddy! He plays the guitar and sometimes you even sing along. He is getting much better at songs that are more age-appropriate for you, like the alphabet song or the puppy-in-the-window song. This is a huge improvement over the beer drinking songs that he had been singing to you.

Touch has become a fun thing for you too. Not only do you reach and grab items, but you stop to feel them now too. Well, at least before you put them in your mouth. You stroke my sweaters, caress my hair and pat your toys. You giggle with your whole body when you feel of Daddy’s prickly hair. One of your favorite books is one that Uncle Clay and Aunt Lauren gave you about animal tails. You especially like the fuzzy tiger tail and run your hand across many times before you try to fit the entire book in your mouth.

You reach to touch everything now….including the camera.

You also celebrated your first Easter this month. I told you the wonderful truth of how Jesus died on the cross and arose, so that you may be the wonderful person that God designed you to be. I told you of what a priceless gift that you are and that you are truly a gift from God. Well, I tell you that every day, but I told you a BUNCH on Easter. I know that you are too young to understand that right now, but I look forward to celebrating the many Easters to come.

EC, you are absolutely amazing in every single way. It is like I am relearning the world with you at each step. You teach me the wonders of small things. I can’t wait to run home to you every afternoon to see what we are going to learn today. Now, if you could only master that “mamama” sound for me.

I love you forever,


kbreints said...

oh just darling... thanks for sharing... I love the picture of him listening to dad!

Anonymous said...


I love you both.


Heather said...

awww he is just so cute. Aiden had that same exersaucer (well we still have it lol) and he loved it too. Aiden also loves music. When AI is on, he gets his piano and microphone out and sings with them lol. This is really the best age imo!


Mary B said...

I love the picture where he is cutting his eyes. So cute! I look forward to seeing my little learning new stuff and exploring the world around her.

Ladybird said...

Mary B - I simply cannot wait until your little one gets here! Birddog and I are so excited for you!!! Plus, EC can't wait for his girlfriend to arrive! LOL!

Anonymous said...


I think a lucky/blessed family all around!

'The Lurker'!!! (Renee S!)

Mommy of M's said...

How Nice.

I have an award for you on my blog.

My Love Bug Kids said...

HE is adorable. I loved your letter.

My girls both said Dadadadadada firt too.

One even went as far as to say "Dada" back at me everytime I tried to get her to say "Mama." I have that one on video...I'll hang that over her head someday!