Nov 4, 2008


Birddog's mother is a real estate agent. When she came over this morning, she was telling Birddog about a new listing that she has.

Birddog's Mom: "I am listing a house for so-and-so today. It is the one that we used to live beside when you were younger."

Birddog: "Which one was that? The one on which side?"

Birddog's Mom: "It is the house that you shot the windows out of."

Birddog: "Oh! That one!"

I just shook my head. If paybacks are heck, raising Babybird is going to be a rollercoaster.

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ShortyMom said...

Yeah umm the kids are not allowed to shoot the b.b. gun without extreme supervision for that very same reason. Good luck lol!