May 5, 2008

Future Drummer?

Two weeks ago, after feverishly looking for a set of keys that Birddog has misplaced, I sat down to rest. Just at that moment, my stomach turned over……..and then I realized that wasn’t my stomach! I had been waiting for ‘butterflies’ like everyone had told me, but Babybird felt different… a rollie-pollie egg that had flopped over.

It was quick….too quick. I poked and prodded at my tummy for the rest of the afternoon with no luck. Birddog even talked to my tummy for quite a while. No luck. I had almost chalked the feeling up to my imagination. Then that night, as I went to bed, there was a party going on…..apparently my baby is a night owl like its father. I was so concentrated on trying to feel Babybird move, that I had to remind myself to breathe.

Ever since that night, Babybird has been on the move. There is definantly Garton blood in this baby…..Babybird doesn’t sit still for long…….there might be a future drummer in our midst.

The next day, Birddog felt the baby move and his eyes got as big as quarters. He quickly grabbed a guitar and started playing songs to see if Babybird would move to any particular song/artist. Birddog has now determined that Babybird likes Eric Clapton and the Allman Brothers. No matter how much I stress the fact that we need to sing “baby songs”, Birddog continues to play drinking songs to my tummy………because every baby needs to know “Why Georgia.”

I now feel more kicks and jabs than ‘tummy rolls’ and I can tell that the little bones must be getting stronger. How wonderful….and special……and magical……..a constant little reminder that there is life growing inside of me. A baby. A person.

Now, who can teach Birddog some baby songs on the guitar?

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Anonymous said...

Forget the baby songs, stick with the classics. If there is "Garton Blood" in this child it is not going to matter anyway. Love ya'll