May 10, 2007

Praying That I Don't Burn Myself

I have to bake tonight……..this scares the chocolate out of me.

Okay, so I am not that bad of a baker……I just don't have much experience. I don't bake, because I don't have too. Granny Garton and her sisters are the queens of baking. Their made-from-scratch-so-much-butter-you-will-have-a-heart-attack-crust is nothing to compete with. Why in the world would I ever bake something when it will just look and taste like a cow pie next to their exquisite homemade confectionary creations?

Their recipes actually call for REAL ingredients……vanilla extract, unbleached all-purpose flour, baking soda, etc. My view on cooking follows a more modern approach…….I approach the directions on the box of cake mix, add eggs and milk and pray that I don't burn it. I have found the up-do-date modern replacement for their fresh whipped cream-cheese icing or mile-high meringue…….icing in a spray can!!! You can write your name or spray directly in your mouth…… for the love of all things holy, why did they not have this when I was a child?????? (They probably did and my mother never let me know.)

The real reason that I am baking is my company is having a hamburger cookout as a fundraiser for our Relay For Life team. Relay For Life is very important to us, as we have had many employees touched by cancer this year. We take this event very seriously and want to raise as much money as possible for the event.

Please drop by after work tomorrow and start your weekend off right! With every plate of food that you buy, you receive a FREE warm fuzzy feeling that you did something nice for your community and to help raise a few dollars for a great cause…….oh, and every plate also comes with a raffle ticket for some great door prizes…….especially if you like tools.

So come grab a plate and hang out with me a while! I promise that I won't make you eat anything that I make!

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